Caruso’s Vitamin C 1000 + Bioflavanoids 120 Tabs

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Caruso’s Vitamin C 1000 + Bioflavanoids 120 Tabs

Caruso's Vitamin C 1000 + Bioflavonoids is high strength and low acid Vitamin C formula which contains 3 forms of Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and herbs. Caruso's Vitamin C 1000 + Bioflavonoids can help to support immune system health in a convenient one-a-day dose.

Caruso's Vitamin C 1000 + Bioflavonoids is a unique Vitamin C supplement in that it contains a synergistic blend of multiple sources of Vitamin C plus Bioflavonoids. Caruso's Vitamin C 1000 + Bioflavonoids contains two buffered forms of Vitamin C to reduce acidity.
The inclusion of bioflavonoids, aids in the absorption and function of Vitamin C. Rosehip is a good additional herbal sources of Vitamin C.

Caruso’s Vitamin C 1000 + Bioflavonoids Health Indications:

  • Supports healthy immune system function to fight illness
  • Relieves symptoms and duration of the common cold
  • Reduces the severity of common cold symptoms
  • Decreases symptoms of a head cold


Each Caruso's Exit Pain® tablet contains:
  • Ascorbic Acid 250mg
  • Sodium ascorbate 421.8mg Equiv. to Ascorbic Acid 375mg
  • Calcium Ascorbate Dihydrate 453.9mg Equiv to Ascorbic Acid 375mg
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids extract 50mg
  • Rutoside 50mg
  • Hesperidin 50mg  
  • Rosa canina (Rosehip) ext. dry conc. equiv. dry fruit 100mg 16.67mg
  • Malpighia glabra (Acerola) ext. dry conc. equiv. dry fruit 50mg 12.5mg Equiv. to Ascorbic Acid 500 micrograms
    • Total Ascorbic Acid 1000.5mg

Free From: Animal Products, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Dairy, Gluten, Lactose, Nuts,preservatives, Soya Bean, Wheat, Yeast

If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Adults only. Not recommended for use by pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking any medications or have any existing health conditions, always talk to your health professional before use. Take at least two hours away from pharmaceutical medications

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